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Licensed By The Monetary Authority Of Singapore
Capital Markets Services License (CMS) to deal in securities and collective investment schemes
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Tokenize your assets on top of our infrastructure.
Our Tokenization SaaS platform is a software-as-a-service solution that enables the issuance, trading, and custody of security tokens for private market assets. We have been granted a Capital Markets Services and Recognized Market Operator license by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to deal in and operate an organised market for securities, respectively. Our service offers a one-stop solution for all your security token needs, including seamless banking integration, thorough user verification with our KYC module, flexible OTC trading options, primary issuance services, cutting-edge blockchain technology, and smart contract deployment.
& Trade Security Tokens
Fractionalized Real Estate
Real estate assets which are tokenized, allowing for smaller units of interests to be held by multiple investors
From venture capital funds, private equity funds to funds investing in cryptocurrencies or DeFi, investors can tap into and diversify their investment portfolio by investing into funds across various investment sectors
Private Equity
From growth stage companies to pre-IPO companies, private equity investments generally offer far higher returns than the public markets
Blockchain Companies
Companies with a strategic focus of using blockchain technology
Fractionalized NFTs
Non-fungible tokens which are fractionalized and sold in a securities investment structure
Private Debt
Corporate bonds, senior and mezzanine debt, and other forms of private debt which generate higher yields than what is available in the public markets
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KYC and Accreditation
We will verify your identity and eligibility before you begin investing
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Fund Account
You can link your bank account or your wallet to start investing and trading
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One account for investing and trading DSO assets
Invest in new offerings, secondary listings and safely custody your DSO
New digital investment products using smart contracts and blockchain
Web 3.0
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Track Record
Proven track record and team
Singapore-headquartered, MAS-licensed*
Paving the way for a blockchain native e-VCC regime
InvestaX, UBS, State Street, CMS, Tezos and PwC Singapore jointly completed the first tokenization of Singapore's Variable Capital Companies (VCC) fund structures, funded by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).
We provide key infrastructure to digitize real assets.