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InvestaX is the core of an ecosystem of key stakeholders that deliver end-to-end solutions for securities issuance, investment and divestment in a digital format


We are excited to announce that we have begun a complete rebuild of our investment platform under a new technology team. Please reach out to should you have any questions or would like an update on our development progress.

Why is InvestaX different?

ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS: Digital financing and investments generator for alternative investments such as real estate, private equity and venture capital

LICENSED AND COMPLIANT: Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and designed to meet regulatory requirements including KYC, AML and AI verification

END-TO-END SOLUTIONS: Offering end-to-end solutions for digital securities issuance, capital raising, management and secondary trading of alternative investments

Financing and Investment Evolution

Paper Securities




Digital Securities

Digital Securities

Digital securities are digital representations of traditional securities and financial interests, typically a contract of equity or debt in a real estate, private equity or venture capital investment.

Digital securities open up a new world of financial instruments and investment structures and are supported by a new technology layer (using distributed ledger technology) that removes the need for centralized parties and reduces the reliance on legacy rent seeking middlemen, on top of a better more efficient more transparent technology layer.


  • Improve cap table setup and on-going management
  • Reduce or remove involvement of intermediaries
  • Customisation of token ownership structure
  • Dramatic reduction on investment commitment size
  • Substantial increase of eligible investor base
  • Ability to trade private share holdings
  • Increase the number of liquidity options for security owners
  • Reduce settlement times from months/weeks/days to minutes
  • Cheaper compliance cost due to removal of intermediaries
  • Solving Problems

    InvestaX is solving problems encountered by leading securities issuers including real estate, private equity and venture capital firms, who need a partner to issue the digital version of their traditional investment offerings.

    InvestaX is solving key challenges faced by investors in deal origination and sourcing, investment due diligence, finding trusted partners for digital securities offerings all in a compliant and efficient platform.

    With our partners and network of key stakeholders, our ecosystem provides the key infrastructure required for the new digital economy. InvestaX provides a licensed, compliant, technology-enabled primary issuance platform (for raising funds and investing into digital securities offerings), and secondary trading platform (pending approval) for enhanced liquidity by allowing the trading of private securities.

    Track Record in Numbers

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    InvestaX is Asia's leading digital securities investment platform for real estate, private equity and venture capital. InvestaX holds a Capital Market Services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore for dealing in securities.

    Digital Securities provide the following benefits

    Attract private bank and HNW clients seeking digital offerings

    Position your offerings as market leading in the digital era

    Generate new forms of financial offerings

    Create new revenue streams

    Enhance efficiency and cost

    Private equity returns with public market liquidity and transparency

    Opportunity to access global and more liquid real estate assets

    Lower cost to allow investors to build own real estate portfolio

    Ability to enter/exit illiquid holdings quickly at low cost

    Ability to invest into single assets without long hold periods

    Access to wider themes of real estate investments

    Access to new forms of debt/equity offerings

    More transparency and better price discovery

    Real Estate Digital Security
    Step 1

    InvestaX conducts proper due diligence on the property for issuance of Digital Security Offering.

    Step 2

    InvestaX proposes digital security issuance structure and offers end-to-end services from pre-launching stage to funding completion and beyond.

    Step 3

    Issued digital security backed by underlying real estate to be transacted in a secondary trading platform (license application pending approval).


    Julian Kwan
    CEO & Co-founder

    Julian Kwan
    CEO & Co-founder

    • Serial entrepreneur in Asia Pacific for 6 ventures including social media, real estate investment and development, proptech and blockchain/DLT
    • 1st mentor for JLL x Lendlease proptech accelerator program
    • Thought leader and prolific speaker on proptech and digital security offerings in Asia

    Alice Chen
    General Counsel & Co-founder

    Alice Chen
    General Counsel & Co-founder

    • 16 years of corporate transaction legal experience in top global law firms (DLA Piper and Skadden) and in-house
    • Founding council member and/or committee member to various industry advocate groups for blockchain adoption (GITA, ACCESS and Digital Exchange Association)
    • Guest lecturer for SMU Academy on digital assets and blockchain
    • Regular speaker in the areas of fintech, blockchain, and entrepreneurship

    Chad Lynch
    Chief Technology Officer

    Chad Lynch
    Chief Technology Officer

    • Head of Crypto Security, Incident Responder, Security Consultant and Senior Software Engineer at Horangi Cyber Security in Singapore
    • Lead Blockchain Engineer and full-stack developer in South Korea for over 5 years
    • Passionate algorithmic trading bot developer and technical analyst
    • Mentor and community developer in the digital securities space

    George Nast
    Chief Strategist

    George Nast
    Chief Strategist

    • Senior management experience in financial service, management consulting and startups
    • 7 1/2-year as global head of cash management and transaction banking for Standard Chartered
    • 13-year experience as partner of wholesale banking practice in Asia-Pacific for McKinsey &Co

    Stephanie Luo
    Client Solutions & Partnerships

    Stephanie Luo
    Client Solutions & Partnerships

    • Over 20 years of experience in international legal and banking profession in Europe and Asia
    • Ex-deputy head of legal for wholesale banking of Standard Chartered Hong Kong
    • Professional expertise on business pioneering, restructuring and brand development

    Graham Zink
    Partnerships Lead

    Graham Zink
    Partnerships Lead

    • International real estate executive with 20 years of industry experience across mixed-use sectors
    • Held senior executive positions with leading firms including JLL, Knight Frank and CFLD.
    • Regular contributor to Forbes, Bloomberg and presenter at many of the world’s top real estate industry events.

    Herbert Si
    Head of Client Solutions

    Herbert Si
    Head of Client Solutions

    • Investment manger for a single family office and two Singapore-based property developers
    • Hands on experience in business development and structuring end-to-end client solutions for alternatve financing arrangements, with special focus on DSO issuers and wealth managers

    Alex Wu
    Technology R&D

    Alex Wu
    Technology R&D

    • 15+ years experience focused on technology adoption in the financial industry
    • Senior advisor leading blockchain adoption strategy and partnerships
    • Product management at RiskMetrics MSCI, providing analytics solutions to the world’s top hedge funds, banks, exhanges and regulators

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