Methodic CoinDesk ETH Staking Fund
USD 20,000,000
Projected Fundraise

About the Issuer

Methodic's rigorous approach to investing and compliance helps investors maximize the opportunities in digital assets and minimize unnecessary and undesired risks. At Methodic, we bring the highest regard for compliance and thoughtful execution to bridge blockchain with broader financial markets. We aim to optimize an investor's exposure to digital assets by minimizing regulatory and operational risks as well as grant access to higher return strategies through composable overlay portfolios.

Deal Highlights

The Methodic CoinDesk ETH Staking Fund’s (Methodic) objective is to deliver the total return of ETH and ethereum staking rewards. Methodic's performance is benchmarked to the CoinDesk indices ETXTR total return index which is a combination of the composite ETH staking rate (CESR) and the ether price index (ETX).

Private fund structure insulates investors from certain regulatory risks. Benchmarked Working with CoinDesk to ensure returns to investors are as precise as possible.
Liquidity Open-ended fund structure prevents shares from trading at a discount to NAV. Custody Assets are held at qualified custodians. Capable of staking from cold storage. Balance sheet compatibility Fund shares can be held on traditional balance sheets or tokenized fund shares can be held on crypto-native balance sheets.


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