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InvestaX is Asia's leading digital securities investment platform for real estate, private equity and venture capital. InvestaX holds a Capital Market Services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore for dealing in securities.

Digital Securities provide the following benefits

Attract private bank and HNW clients seeking digital offerings

Position your offerings as market leading in the digital era

Generate new forms of financial offerings

Create new revenue streams

Enhance efficiency and cost

Private equity returns with public market liquidity and transparency

Opportunity to access global and more liquid real estate assets

Lower cost to allow investors to build own real estate portfolio

Ability to enter/exit illiquid holdings quickly at low cost

Ability to invest into single assets without long hold periods

Access to wider themes of real estate investments

Access to new forms of debt/equity offerings

More transparency and better price discovery

Core Services

Issuing Digital Securities Offering

Capital Raising

Secondary Trading (license application pending approval)

Real Estate Digital Security

Creation of liquidity for Real Estate assets.

Step 1

InvestaX conducts proper due diligence on the property for issuance of Digital Security Offering.

Step 2

InvestaX proposes digital security issuance structure and offers end-to-end services from pre-launching stage to funding completion and beyond.

Step 3

Issued digital security backed by underlying real estate to be transacted in a secondary trading platform (license application pending approval).

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