[Webinar] Tokenization of Variable Capital Companies (Project e-VCC) - Findings and the road ahead.
Linh Tran

In January 2020, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) introduced the Variable Capital Company (VCC) structure, a game-changer for attracting investment funds. The VCC is a new corporate entity structure under which multiple funds or collective investment schemes (whether open-end or closed-end) may be gathered under the umbrella of a single corporate entity and yet remain ring-fenced from each other.

InvestaX had the honor to be awarded the PoC grant to implement the first tokenization of the VCC fund structure. Collaborating with industry giants, including UBS, StateStreet, CMS, PWC, and the Tezos Foundation, we launched the first-ever e-VCC project funded by MAS, exploring the tokenization of Singapore VCC to revolutionize investment funds.

Key outcomes of the e-VCC project include:

  • Establishing lifecycle and workflow processes to enhance efficiencies for stakeholders (fund managers, fund administrators, and investors) using an e-VCC.
  • Identifying key considerations for the potential tradability of e-VCC securities on platforms like InvestaX.
  • Exploring the issuance of VCC fund shares directly on public or private blockchains.
  • Comparing the benefits of a blockchain-native security token design (one-tier) versus a tokenized security design (two-tier).

Key Topics Covered

  • 1. e-VCC from a fund manager's perspective
  • 2. e-VCC from a fund administrator's perspective 
  • 3. Regulatory and tax considerations when launching an e-VCC
  • 4. Blockchain solutions and tech requirements for an e-VCC
  • 5. Panel discussion / Q&A
  • 6. Real use case of e-VCC

e-VCC project contributors/presenters

  • PwC Singapore - Armin Choskey - APAC Asset and Wealth Management Market Research Centre Leader)
  • UBS - Hugo van Kattendijke, Managing Director - Wealth Management, Head Financial Intermediaries APAC
  • State Street - Irfan Ahmad - Product Lead, APAC – State Street Digital 
  • CMS - Matthew Nortcliff - Partner, Head of Funds and Indirect Real Assets, Asia; PwC Singapore Tax
  • PwC Singapore - Tan Hui Cheng - Partner, Tax 
  • Tezos - Jacob Pouncey, Research and Adoption Manager
  • STACS - Nigel Lam, Senior Manager, Product & Strategic Partnerships

Watch the webinar recording below.


You can download the e-VCC report for more insights into the e-VCC project and reach out to us at support@investax.io for more information on how to set up an e-VCC fund.



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