[Podcast] Tokenization Exponential Value Beyond Fundraising
Linh Tran

In this special podcast episode, hosted by Julian Kwan, CEO and Co-Founder of InvestaX and IX Swap, the focus is on exploring the exponential value of tokenization beyond fundraising. The episode provides insights into the world of Real World Asset Tokens (RWA), previously known as Security Token Offerings (STOs), emphasizing how these innovations are transforming the private markets.

Key topics covered in this episode:

  • 1. The enormous potential for growth in the tokenized asset market, as private market securities are being transformed into digital assets, offering benefits such as increased transparency, efficiency, and cost savings.
  • 2. The exponential growth in the volume of tokenized assets and how the industry has evolved over the past few years.
  • 3. The opportunities available for early adopters and the growing interest in tokenized securities from traditional financial institutions.

Listen to the episode below!

About Infinity and Beyond podcast: A podcast on Blockchains and Tokens, hosted by Julian Kwan. We help our community identify the challenges and the opportunities in the digital asset space with a mission to help all investors become web3 compatible.

About Julian Kwan: Co-Founder and CEO of InvestaX and IX Swap. A Singapore based entrepreneur recognized as a leader in the RWA blockchain space and has been invited to speak at over 250+ conferences in the region. Founded 7 companies in Asia, including social media/technology, real estate investment & development, proptech and blockchain including the world's 1st Automated Market Maker for RWA - IX Swap.