[Webinar] Masterclass on Digital Asset Regulations in Hong Kong, UK & European Union, Singapore and the USA - 2023 Version
InvestaX Legal Team

As we know, 2022 had been a volatile year for the digital asset industry with exchanges crumbling, stablecoins crashing, and many industry leaders filing for bankruptcy. This has already paved the way for what we saw in 2023: The regulators across jurisdictions are tightening the leash by making policies and laws that will ensure financial stability, control the bad actors, and ensure investor protection, while simultaneously allowing for innovation. From the United Arab Emirates to Singapore, Korea, Japan to the European Union, the U.S. to the U.K. and Hong Kong, we are seeing new legislations and rules being crafted for digital assets.

Watch our webinar to hear from industry experts about what we can expect in 2023 on the regulatory side.

Key topics covered

  • 1. Is Asia emerging as a safe haven for the digital asset industry after the meltdown in the west?
  • 2. UK, Japan, Korea, UAE: what do the regulatory frameworks have to offer to digital asset players?
  • 3. The Pilot Regime in EU
  • 4. Regulatory concerns around Corporate Governance
  • 5. Regulatory trend- Is it regulation by enforcement (eg. U.S.) or regulation by enacting clear laws/legislation for digital assets (eg UK , UAE)?

Speakers of the webinar

  • InvestaX, Chef Legal and Compliance Officer, Nishtha Pandey
  • InvestaX and IX Swap, CEO and Co-Founder, Julian Kwan
  • Baker McKenzie, Partner, Joy Lam
  • Goodwin Procter LLP, Partner, Meghan K. Spillane
  • Reed Smith, Partner and Resource Law LLC, Director, Hagen Rooke
  • Allen & Gledhill, Partner, Adrian Ang

Watch the recording for details.


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