InvestaX Pioneers World-First Real World Asset (RWA) Products

InvestaX is the first builder in the Real World Asset Tokens (RWA) industry in Asia since 2018. We're now at the forefront of the RWA industry with the leading Singapore-licensed tokenization Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for the issuance, trading, and custody of RWA tokens.

Together with IX Swap, our sister platform, we offer comprehensive solutions for tokenizing real-world assets. Our services span the entire RWA token lifecycle, from advisory, issuance, primary offering, secondary trading, swapping, and liquidity pools of RWA tokens, with more innovative products and services under development.

In this article, we share our journey to pave the way for a tokenized future.

Let’s dive in!

InvestaX - an Innovative Pioneer In The RWA Space

As an early player building the infrastructure that every investment firm needs to tokenize real world assets, we believe continuous research, development, and delivery of products that incorporate compliance and innovation is key.

1. First Licensed Tokenization SaaS offering in Asia

InvestaX provides the 1st licensed tokenization SaaS platform in Asia for the issuance, trading, and custody of RWA tokens in a legally compliant manner. Since our founding in 2015, we have been:

  • Granted Exchange License (RMO) by the Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Granted Capital Markets Services License (CMS) by the Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Obtained IPA for Digital Asset Regulated Exchange licenses in the Bahamas

Through our platform, InvestaX as an asset tokenization firm has enabled our clients to close over 45 transactions and raise over $80M. 

Check out: InvestaX's tokenization platform demo in 90 seconds

2. World’s 1st legal and compliant Automated Market Maker (AMM) for RWA

Our sister platform, IX Swap introduced the 1st legally compliant Automated Market Maker for RWA tokens. The platform facilitates the world’s first liquidity pools for RWA secondary trading, revolutionizing the accessibility and efficiency of asset trading in the RWA space.

Check out this 3-minute video on how InvestaX and IX Swap cover the entire security token life cycle for issuers and investors.

3. World’s 1st Onchain Tokenized Portfolios 

Today we bring you our latest world-first offering, the Onchain Tokenized Portfolios (OTP). We believe this is a groundbreaking use of blockchains and smart contracts to develop new investment products and reduce the inefficiencies and costs of issuing securities “the old way”.

Our Onchain Tokenized Portfolios (OTP) offering, where we tokenize a diverse basket or index of DeFi investments, mirrors the functionality of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) but within the DeFi ecosystem.

Investors can benefit greatly from our OTP structure, gaining instant diversification, exposure to various DeFi assets, and improved liquidity and accessibility, democratizing RWA investing.

For instance, our latest OTP, CKGP, curated by a seasoned crypto industry expert, features a strategic mix of established and emerging gaming projects. Investors can now access promising GameFi opportunities with a minimal entry starting at just 1 USDT. The project has garnered over 350 investors participating in the game.

4. First RWA platform to integrate with Coinbase

InvestaX is the first RWA broker-dealer and exchange globally to fully integrate with Coinbase's Web3 wallet and BASE protocol. The integration offers seamless connectivity for all Coinbase Wallet users, enabling them easy access to InvestaX’s asset tokenization platform and paving the way to global asset issuance for millions of new users. 

5. Singapore’s 1st IBF-accredited course on Blockchain and Digital Securities

To drive a thorough understanding of a blockchain-enabled digital asset economy, InvestaX partners with Momenta to introduce Singapore’s first accredited IBF course on Blockchain & Digital Securities, presented by our Co-founder & General Counsel Alice Chen. 

The course aims to give learners a structured and systematic understanding of blockchain technology & decentralized ledger technology, the digital asset landscape & its regulatory framework, and the opportunities of private markets. 

6. World’s 1st Employee Share Option Plans 2.0 (Digital ESOP)

Traditional Employee Share Option Plans (ESOP) are one of the most widely used forms of compensation, however, are complex and difficult to manage. They often leave employees unclear about their rewards, which can hinder retention and motivation.

Enter InvestaX, we pioneer the use of our latest technology to design a better, more transparent, higher velocity Digital Employee Share Option (DESOP) Plan to better motivate employees and drive greater productivity. 

7. Real Estate Fund 2.0

InvestaX’s Real Estate Fund 2.0 uses tokenized real estate tokens as share structures to offer more flexibility and new and improved investment vehicles for both managers and investors alike. 

Taking a look back at the history of public markets, every significant expansion of value was created when new technologies married a marketplace. Today, we observe a similar trend in the real estate investment arena. With Real Estate Fund 2.0, introduced by InvestaX, technology meets the challenges of real estate investment head-on.

8. First Tokenization of Singapore Variable Capital Companies (VCC)

InvestaX, UBS, State Street, CMS, Tezos and PwC Singapore jointly completed the 1st tokenization of the new Singapore onshore investment vehicle - tokenizing Variable Capital Companies (VCC) fund structures through Project e-VCC, which was funded by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

The project involved examining the technological, legal, and practical feasibility of tokenizing the Singapore Variable Capital Company using a blockchain-native structure. It also explored VCC fund shares issued directly on either a public blockchain or a private blockchain.

You can download the e-VCC report for more insights into the e-VCC project and reach out to us at for more information on how to set up an e-VCC fund.

Trusted By Global Clients

InvestaX, as a pioneering force in the RWA space with the first licensed Tokenization SaaS platform in Asia, has been chosen by many customers as a capable tokenization partner. 

Backed By Prominent Investors

With an innovation-oriented mindset and relentless effort to pave the way for a tokenized future, the InvestaX team is trusted and backed by seasoned and esteemed investors in the industry.

Web3 Finance:


  • SOUL Capital
  • UOB Venture Management 
  • 500 Startups IV
  • 500 Durians
  • Stephen Nicholas Melhuish (PropertyGuru co-founder)
  • Jani Antero Rautiainen (PropertyGuru co-founder)
  • Startup-O Pte. Ltd.
  • Thakral Japan Properties 
  • Baksh Capital 
  • Woodside Holdings Investment Management
  • Innosprout Investment Pte. Ltd. (Pruksa Holding affiliated company)
  • Lifull Co.

Accompanied By Reputed Advisors

InvestaX is proud to be accompanied by reputed advisors with a proven track record of building and expanding successful businesses in the financial sector:

  • Gabriel Abed, Founder of Bitt, Inventor of Central Bank Digital Currency, Founder of Digital Asset Capital Management
  • Steve Melhuish, Co-Founder of PropertyGuru - Southeast Asia's largest real estate listing tool, Advisor to Digital Media and Venture Capital firms.
  • George Nast, Founder of Atlas One, Ex-Partner at McKinsey & Co, Ex-Global Head of Cash Management at Standard Chartered.

Surrounded by a Holistic Ecosystem of Web3 Solution Partners

InvestaX and its partners are joining forces to establish an open architecture for global interoperability. Together, we aim to facilitate a seamless journey for issuers and investors across the entire RWA token life cycle, paving the way for the accessibility and adoption of tokenized assets at scale. 

Explore our latest strategic partnerships:

Highlighted Tokenization Projects InvestaX Delivered

1. InvestaX tokenizes NFTS - HOWEY TEZ BAYC

InvestaX offers fractional ownership of Bored Ape Yacht Club #2371, one of the most coveted blue-chip collections, with the ticker symbol IXAPE (5,000 tokens). IXAPE token holders can delve into a novel digital asset class and partake in potential appreciation and other financial benefits linked to these assets.

This initiative creates a fully-compliant investment product connecting IXAPE token holders, Bored Ape #2371 NFT, and the community-owned BAYC brand.

  • Asset type: Bored Ape #2371
  • Token name: IXAPE
  • Completion date: June 2022
  • Minimum Investment: 1 USD
  • Offering type: Security token offering regulated by Singapore Laws
  • Secondary trading venue: InvestaX (and possibly other exchanges in the future)
  • What was tokenized: Economic Interest (a share of  profits) in a SPV (Howey Tez Pte Ltd)
  • Significance: First NFT security token offering in Southeast Asia; First NFT security token offering which also offers utility features.

Register on InvestaX platform to access exclusive RWA investment opportunities.

2. Project Sunshine

This tokenization project involves multiple stakeholders with their functions described as below.

The issuer: 

  • Uses InvestaX’s primary digital issuance platform to issue digital securities and uses the funds to distribute to the group to repay existing bonds.


  • Trustee/Custodian: Holds legal title to the global certificate representing the digital securities as well as all rights and entitlements thereunder (the “DS”) for the Holders;
  • Trustee/Custodian: Issues principal amounts of the DS through InvestaX’s Digital Platform to investors holding accounts with InvestaX; and
  • Agents: Act as trustee to the Holders and as gatekeeper between Holders and the Issuer — all communication/action from Holders to the Issuer and vice versa must go through the Trustee.


  • By buying the DS, the investors will be deemed to be bound by the terms of the DS and the DS documents (described in the next slide).


  • Manager/administrator of the Digital Platform.

Looking Ahead: The Future is Tokenization With InvestaX

The financial landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. The rise of digital asset securities, or RWA tokenization, is reshaping private markets. As per Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the value of tokenized assets is expected to reach $16.1 trillion by 2030, accounting for 10% of global GDP.

Take a broader view of the alternative asset management industry, where asset managers and digital platforms are increasingly exploring and adopting asset tokenization to broaden access for individuals who control over half of global wealth.  Asset tokenization stands as an effective solution to connect asset managers with a broader universe of investors and propel a multi-billion dollar investment industry forward.

It’s safe to say that RWA tokenization isn't merely a trend. It’s slated to be the vanguard of a revolution that transforms the investment landscape. 

InvestaX is well-placed to ride the wave of tokenization. With full infrastructure and licenses for RWA token broker-dealer platforms and exchanges, we're paving the way for innovative DeFi integration, expanding tokenized asset use cases, and building an interoperable digital exchange ecosystem for wider RWA adoption. 

Leave us a message or contact us at to kickstart your RWA tokenization journey in a legally compliant manner today.