InvestaX H1 2024 Recap
Linh Tran

InvestaX is pleased to recap our eventful first half of the year (“H1”). H1 2024 was marked by significant progress in five key areas:

  • Platform enhancements
  • 6 new RWA projects launched
  • Industry awards and recognition
  • Strategic partnership formation
  • Speaking engagements

InvestaX is also proud to join hands with industry leaders such as Coinbase to accelerate RWA tokenization adoption.

And now, let’s dive into our major milestones in H1, 2024 right below.

1. New SaaS Clients and RWA Projects Launched

H1 witnessed a significant number of new RWA tokens launched on InvestaX. To name a few:

Apart from that, we have other RWA projects coming down the pipeline through new strategic partnerships with a prominent layer 1 blockchain, a prominent Thailand-based real estate firm, and a renowned Australia-based (ASX publicly listed) technology and investment company specializing in digital assets. Stay tuned for exciting updates and investment opportunities!

2. Platform Functionality Updates

Developing a product that users love is an exciting journey. A big thank you to the development team for their hard work in making this happen!

Below are the major highlights of our tokenization platform upgrades in the first half of the year:

  • Expanded support for investing using popular stablecoins like USDC and USDT on our platform. 
  • Onboarding optimization for the mobile experience.
  • New designs for investing in RWA tokens.
  • New designs for peer-to-peer (P2P) trading

The team also continuously implements Recognized Market Operator (RMO) compliance requirements on our tokenization SaaS platform, ensuring legally compliant RWA token issuance and offering.

Experience our tokenization platform here.

3. Industry Awards and Recognitions

InvestaX's commitment to innovation was acknowledged by the financial industry in 2024 through several prestigious awards.

  • Award-Winning Platform: InvestaX secured the "Most Innovative in Wealth Management in Singapore" award at the 2024 Global Financial Market Review Awards.
  • Our Co-Founder and General Counsel, Alice Chen, was recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in FinTech for 2024 by FinTech Magazine. 
  • Alice Chen was nominated as one of the finalists for the esteemed 2024 Women in Finance Asia Awards (WIFAA) alongside esteemed women in finance from renowned institutions such as BlackRock, Millenium Capital Management, Citi, UBS, Nasdaq, Bank of America, and JPMorganChase.

In addition, InvestaX was featured among the list of outstanding tokenization companies in key reports.

4. Strategic Partnership Formation

In February, InvestaX welcomed Obligate - the leading platform in structuring, issuance, and distribution of on-chain debt instruments - to our ecosystem of Web 3 solution partners. 

The collaboration will offer a comprehensive suite of services that cover the entire lifecycle of tokenized assets, from issuance to distribution, creating a secure, scalable, and seamless cross-border ecosystem for Real-World Assets (RWAs).

"Our collaboration with Obligate delivers more onchain real world assets to our marketplace. Obligate offers onchain bonds and structured products launched on our licensed tokenization infrastructure. This marks another world first for InvestaX and our growing global network of leading real world asset issuers and investors,” said  Julian Kwan, CEO and co-Founder of InvestaX.

5. Foster RWA Industry Education

InvestaX is at the forefront of educating the market on the transformative potential of real-world asset (RWA) tokenization through industry speaking engagements and experience-backed thought pieces.

Speaking Engagements

In addition to self-hosted events, InvestaX is excited to have our COO & General Counsel Alice Chen engage in discussions at prestigious RWA industry events.

  • DACOM 2024
  • NES UNICON 2024
  • HYFI Conference 2024
  • USC's Marshall School of Business event
  • The Asset Tokenization: TradFi vs. DeFi Showdown organized by KPMG Singapore and SFA (View the event recap here)

At the same time, our CEO and Co-Founder Julian shared his expertise on traditional finance (TraFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) through insightful podcast episodes and webinars. 

  • Redefining Private Credit and Public Debt in the Digital Age (Watch the recording here)
  • Tokenized Funds: The Future of Real Estate, Private Equity, and Venture Capital (Watch the recording here)
  • Untangling Tokenized Securities with Julian Kwan (Watch the recording here)
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Blockchain Investors in 2024 and Beyond (Watch the recording here)
  • Cloud Computing Optimized for Web3 Applications (Watch the recording here)

Trending Thought Pieces

Our original content articles, drawn from our first-hand experience in the tokenization industry since 2018, received overwhelmingly positive responses from audiences. Below are our recommendations for reading:

Looking Ahead: InvestaX Continues To Pioneer Innovations In RWA

Looking ahead, the InvestaX team remains steadfastly committed to providing innovative solutions that foster the broader adoption and growth of RWA tokens. Stay tuned for exciting developments that will propel the future of RWA tokenization!

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our clients, partners, supporters, and team members for making this eventful H1 possible. Your trust, collaboration, and dedication have been instrumental in our achievements, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.