InvestaX Gets Closer to Tokenizing the World with MAS Fintech Sandbox
SINGAPORE – (BUSINESS WIRE) – InvestaX (IC SG Pte Ltd) launches exchange in the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) sandbox, providing key infrastructure for bringing liquidity to digital securities.
Julian Kwan
CEO and Co-founder InvestaX and IX Swap. Host of the Infinity and Beyond Podcast.

SINGAPORE – BUSINESS WIRE – InvestaX (IC SG Pte Ltd) launches exchange in the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) sandbox, providing key infrastructure for bringing liquidity to security tokens.

InvestaX is a Singapore-headquartered, MAS-licensed* online investment and trading platform for Security Tokens (STO) of global private markets deals, focusing on exciting growth industries including crypto, gaming, blockchain, digital assets, venture, private equity and real estate.

InvestaX, announces entry in the sandbox for its exchange, and now provides a one-stop shop solution for the issuance and trading of security tokens, for global products and global investors.

Targeting the $8T USD tokenization of the private markets, InvestaX is built with open infrastructure for scalability and interoperability, and is fully integrated with leading public blockchain protocols including Ethereum, Tezos, Hedera Hashgraph, and Algorand and more protocol integrations in the pipeline.

InvestaX believes in the tokenization of all assets making security tokens of private companies or real estate funds, as an example, more valuable, as investors are able to lend, borrow, trade and use their security tokens as assets and collateral, the same way decentralized finance is making cryptocurrencies more usable and valuable for cryptocurrencies.

In a world where centralized and decentralized finance are converging at a rapid pace, InvestaX provides technical and compliant on/off ramps for the digitization of equity, debt or fund, along with a full suite of services for the lifecycle management of any digital security. InvestaX is also working with DeFi platforms like IX Swap to bring new liquidity solutions to the security tokens marketplace, which is essential to fuel the growth in trading volumes as the industry expands.

“Cryptocurrencies (digital currencies) and security tokens belong together. They are both native digital assets interacting instantaneously on immutable ledgers, creating speed and efficiency as well as trust and transparency never seen before in investment transactions. This connectivity is ushering in the next wave of innovation and expansion of the digital assets industry as well as new innovative investment products never seen before,” said Julian Kwan, CEO of InvestaX.

InvestaX also runs the only IBF accreditation course on Blockchain and Capital Markets

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Julian Kwan

At InvestaX, we offer the leading Singapore Licensed Tokenization Service-as-a-Software (SaaS) platform for Real World Asset Tokens (RWA) and Security Token Offerings (STO). We provide a one stop shop for tokenized assets for global investors, including real estate, private equity, venture, ESG, startup, private credit/debt and more. We also provide IX Swap, the first legal and compliant Automated Market Maker (AMM) for RWA and STO.

If you are interested to learn more about how you can build your business on top of our infrastructure and what we can offer you as your tokenization partner, then contact us here. Thank you.