Embarking on a Transformative Journey: Our Pioneering Efforts in Digitizing Real Assets in Asia - A Reflective Recap of 2023 and a Forward Gaze into 2024
Nicco Mendoza

In the innovative landscape of Asia, we stood at the forefront in 2018, embarking on an unprecedented journey to transform tangible assets into digital tokens. As we prepare to bid adieu to the eventful year of 2023, we are imbued with a profound sense of pride and heartfelt gratitude for the remarkable milestones we've achieved together. Our journey has significantly shaped the industry, setting new standards and pioneering paths previously untraveled.

Navigating through the initial nine months of 2023 was akin to steering through a tumultuous sea of challenges. Despite the rough waters, the undying spirit of our industry began to surface towards the year's end. We're now perched on the cusp of 2024, a year we believe will be a cornerstone for the widespread adoption of digital asset tokenization globally.

Throughout 2023, our ventures into tokenization were diverse and impactful,
● Equity in burgeoning health tech startups.
● Various real estate ventures.
● A multitude of companies with an array of underlying assets.
● Innovatively, we even transformed our company's ESOPs into tradable DESOPs,
empowering our team members with flexibility and ownership.
Looking Ahead to 2024:
Our vision for 2024 is expansive and filled with ambition. We aim to delve into:
● Tokenizing the rights associated with Korean cultural content.
● Exploring the realms of private credit and debt.
● Unveiling structured products.
● Broadening our scope to include a wider array of financial instruments like tokenized
treasuries and stocks.

Global Trends and News:
The projections from Citigroup on the Total Addressable Market (TAM) illuminate a world brimming with opportunities across various financial asset sectors. 2024 witnessed groundbreaking announcements that significantly shifted industry paradigms:

● Blackrock's CEO Larry Fink lauded tokens as the future of marketplaces.
● Franklin Templeton's CEO Jenny Johnson extolled tokenization as a supercharged
form of securitization.
● Collaborative ventures between Coinbase and InvestaX on BASE and Coinbase Web3
Wallet revolutionized integration and services for RWA clients.
● Citibank's staggering prediction of a $4T USD market for security tokens and real-
world asset tokens.
● The advent of Project Diamond by Coinbase and Coinbase Asset Management.
● A surge in tokenized treasuries and private credit, amassing $1.4BN of assets and
marking the continued resurgence of RWA.

Our Achievements:
Our journey has been marked by relentless pursuit and unwavering commitment. We've secured multiple licenses from authoritative entities like the Monetary Authority of Singapore and navigated through regulatory landscapes to ensure compliant and innovative operations. Our technological integrations are vast and diverse, spanning across BASE, Ethereum, Polygon, and more, ensuring that our platform remains robust and versatile. The over 40 transactions we closed are not just numbers; they are stories of trust, innovation, and progress. Our collaborations with leading financial institutions like UBS and Julius Baer are not just partnerships; they are alliances towards shaping the future of finance.

Strategic Partnerships:
Our alliances and collaborations are the bedrock of our innovative journey. Each partnership is a testament to our commitment to pioneering in the realm of digital asset tokenization:

Coinbase: Our collaboration is a landmark in the RWA journey, bridging traditional
finance with the cutting-edge blockchain technology of Coinbase’s 'BASE' and
Coinbase Prime Web3 Wallet.
Vayana: Together, we are blending our real-world asset capabilities with Vayana's
extensive experience in B2B Technologies and Trade Finance, paving the way for
innovative debt-based products tailored for the Singapore/other APAC markets.
Oasis Pro Markets: This partnership is a confluence of tech stacks and regulatory
expertise aimed at catering to the nuanced needs of issuers and investors, bridging
the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance while prioritizing
Funderful & BuySell Standards: These leading platforms in Korean K-content
investment are part of our strategy to tap into the rich cultural content market.
CSPro: As the first Hong Kong group to secure a broker dealer license for issuing
RWA, our partnership is set to revolutionize secondary trading for their offerings.
Obligate: Our collaboration is set to redefine on-chain bond issuance and settlement
infrastructure, creating a marketplace that allows investors to access private debt

InvestaX’s RWA Accelerator:
The inception of our RWA Accelerator is a revolutionary stride in reducing project timelines and costs, demonstrating our dedication to efficiency and innovation. This initiative is not merely about acceleration; it's about opening a portal to a world teeming with possibilities and potential for investors and early-stage projects alike.


Community Engagement:
Our Tokenization 2023 Masterclass Series was not just a series of events; it was a symposium of minds, ideas, and visions across the bustling cities of Asia. These sessions were not merely discussions; they were immersive experiences showcasing real-world applications and the tangible impacts of tokenization.

Internal Growth:
Our year was as much about fortifying our internal framework as it was about external achievements. Investments in our team, technology, and infrastructure were strategic moves to ensure we continue to lead in innovation. Our outreach and customer engagement efforts were about forging deeper, more meaningful connections and understanding the evolving needs of our clients and partners.

As we stand on the precipice of 2024, we are filled with an exhilarating mix of anticipation and determination. Your unwavering support has been a crucial pillar of our success, and as we step into the new year, we are committed to continuing our trailblazing journey in the realm of digital asset tokenization.

Thank you for being an integral part of our 2023 narrative. Here's to embarking on a 2024 journey that's not just prosperous but revolutionary and innovative. Here's to the future we build together!