Bridging Companies to the Future Through Security Token Offerings
Julian Kwan
CEO and Co-founder InvestaX and IX Swap. Host of the Infinity and Beyond Podcast.

Tokenize your assets on top of our infrastructure

Our Tokenization SaaS platform is a software-as-a-service solution that enables the issuance, trading, and custody of security tokens for private market assets. We have been granted a Capital Markets Services and Recognized Market Operator licence by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to deal in and operate an organised market for securities respectively. Our service offers a one-stop solution for all your security token needs, including seamless banking integration, thorough user verification with a KYC module, flexible OTC trading options, primary issuance services, cutting-edge blockchain technology, and smart contract deployment.

At a time when we’re seeing the world’s transition to Web3 along with a myriad of new opportunities and challenges it creates, it’s only a matter of time when we see predominantly traditional fields go completely digital.

In the case of traditional securities, the era of digitalization and tokenization have long started, but it is now gaining stronger momentum as more and more investors and key industry players leverage technology to uncover untapped opportunities.

The crucial question that business owners and enterprises are now faced is whether or not it is worth it to invest in today's infrastructure and development to future-proof its company or to play the wait-and-see game for things to be more stable, regulations to become clearer, and adoption becoming more widespread.

This is an understandable dilemma to be in - one that InvestaX is well aware of and more than well-equipped to help companies navigate this new digital landscape with ease and control.

InvestaX believes that every private investment firm needs a digital asset securities strategy, and we’re here to help you do that. 

“The asymmetrical risk of being left behind is worth the incremental investment needed to get started and to explore this new digital landscape for yourself.” - InvestaX

The Future Is Digital

A digital asset is an asset that is issued and/or transferred using a distributed ledger technology (DLT), such as blockchain. While regulations vary per jurisdiction, a digital asset can fall under the classification of securities, in which case, they are referred to as “digital asset securities”. 

A good example of this are traditional securities brought on-chain, such as equities, commodities, or even real estate. In the US, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has categorically classified digital assets as securities using the four-point Howey Test.

In an interview with Institutional Investor, asset management firm Arca’s CEO and co-founder Rayne Steinberg compared digital asset securities to a wrapper that could represent any stock in the world. The significance of this versatility is not lost in Arca’s report that highlighted how every security will eventually be digitized - a sentiment shared by 77% of its respondents.

Arca Labs president Jerald David also pointed out that the benefits provided by digital asset securities are too great for investors to overlook, such as blockchain-based real-time settlement, transparency, and fractional ownership.

At InvestaX, we believe that digital asset securities for private market assets are poised to become a multi-million dollar opportunity - one that is poised for exponential growth as it democratizes access to investment options while it opens a world of new opportunities for investors of all sizes and backgrounds.

For your company, exploring digital asset securities at this stage could very well be the bridge you need to equip your business for a Web3 transition and compatibility.

Kickstart Your Digital Future Today

By choosing InvestaX as your technology partner to work with you as you navigate your way towards Web3, we help you future-proof your company by enabling the following capabilities on your end:

  • Access Security Tokens on blockchain to benefit from the open system provided by Web3
  • Access exchange and DeFi marketplaces to provide increased liquidity for your investors
  • Take advantage of tokenized offerings to take illiquid assets into tradable NFTs and securities
  • Issue, trade, and custodize all your securities and offerings digitally and in one place

InvestaX leverages technology, proprietary data, and a coalition of partners to make your Web3 vision a reality. Here more reasons why the services we offer are unmatched anywhere else:

  1. Fully licensed - Fully licensed for to issue and allow trading for any digital security aimed at a global investor base
  2. Global Reach - Global investors that can help in capital raising
  3. Solid Network - Backed by a strong network of distribution partners, so you can reach more investors in less time
  4. Accessible Trading Venue - Access a blockchain-enabled security tokens exchange for the trading, settlement, and custody of security token offerings
  5. Top Blockchain Protocols - Take your pick from leading blockchain protocols, such as Ethereum, Algorand, Tezos, Hedera Hashgraph, and Stacs.
  6. Innovative Structure - Create new tech-driven investment opportunities, such as digital SPACs, Digital ESOPs (DEsop), fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs), fractionalized real estate, and digital funds, such as e-VCC.

At InvestaX, we offer the leading Singapore Licensed Tokenization Service-as-a-Software (SaaS) platform for Real World Asset Tokens (RWA) and Security Token Offerings (STO). We provide a one stop shop for tokenized assets for global investors, including real estate, private equity, venture, ESG, startup, private credit/debt and more. We also provide IX Swap, the first legal and compliant Automated Market Maker (AMM) for RWA and STO.

If you are interested to learn more about how you can build your business on top of our infrastructure and what we can offer you as your tokenization partner, then contact us here. Thank you.