InvestaX aims to be a licensed and regulated platform for trading digital securities, unlocking the value of illiquid assets

InvestaX Services
Primary Origination
Investor Participation
Secondary Trading Services (license application pending approval)
Web & Mobile Interface
Institutional Access
Order Entry & Order Matching
Settlement & Asset Servicing
Custody & Safekeeping
Deposits and Withdrawals
Smart Contract Asset-Servicing
Data & Analytic Services
Provide and Pay-for Community Access
Deliver Value-added Analytics
InvestaX Edge

Remove Intermediaries

  • Automating the transaction process, reducing paperwork, lowering transaction costs

Built-In Compliance

  • Transparent regulatory oversight
  • Programmable smart contracts to track, block or report illegitimate attempts to access and trade

Instant Settlement

  • Traditional exchanges require T+2/3 days
  • Reduce counterparty and operational risk

Increase Transparency and Fairness

  • DLT record keeping, immutable, entire transaction history recorded

Increased Liquidity

  • Higher liquidity than previous OTC and bilateral contracts
  • Increased market depth

Lower Origination Cost

  • Lower primary and secondary issuance due to blockchain based tokenisation

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